Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We've had a really good Halloween week.  I always LOVE this holiday.  It's kind of the beginning of the celebrating season for me. although the amount of candy that is transported into and out of this house is becoming obscene!  I'm hoping to find some way to make it all mysteriously disappear after a couple of days.
This is what we started the night with. 
...and this is what it looks like now.
but they all brought in quite a haul.  Candy Trading is my favorite part!
Flowering Buttercup didn't actually trick or treat this year, but she dressed up as a mouse for our church party last Saturday night...and she's eating Cheetos!  
(hee hee...idk why I thought that was so funny.)
Spell Girl and her BFF were matching pandas.  Homemade costumes are the best!!

June's cute friends in the neighborhood.
June's friend MADE this super cute iPad t-shirt!
Some of our neighbors get really into Halloween. Mack found some stuff in my Halloween buckets and decided to do a little decorating, too.  These used to be our bushes.  Now they are a home to three happy plastic spiders.  

cute trick-or-treaters
Mack the Ninja
Two ninjas and a zombie with a baseball bat...hmmm...???  
The best part of the night was knowing that even though all of our kids were sprinkled around the neighborhood, they were safe and happy having fun with their friends.  I love this place we live in and the people who surround us.  We have the best neighbors and our kids have awesome friends!  

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