Thursday, October 4, 2012

Changing Back...

Do you ever have those days that just seem like one giant exercise in futility?  Well, I've had 3 of them.  On Tuesday night, I sat down to write my blog post and thought that since I was decorating my house for Halloween, I should probably make my blog a little more festive, too.  I change the background to this...
...which was really cute with my pictures of Flowering Buttercup in the pumpkin patch, but not so cute with my post about General Conference and a picture of Henry B. Eyring.  It felt a little "not so reverent."

So then I thought I'd change it to a generic fall background...

I tried all of these, but they just didn't feel right. 

So then, I thought, maybe I shouldn't change the background of my blog seasonally because maybe that's too confusing and maybe the people who come here might think I'm inconsistent and erratic and unreliable!  So I found a simple, clean blog design that was suitable for any occasion (or none.)  

...unfortunately I could only look at that screen for about 20 seconds before deciding that my personality isn't monochromatic, clean lines, and suitable for all occasions.   

So I called Spell Girl for assistance (because she cares about everything I do, especially this blog, and because she happened to be walking past my desk at just the right time.)  I let her look through ALL the blog designs on this cute blog that I always use...
Leelou Blogs
And guess which one she picked?  
If you're thinking that this layout looks oddly familiar...well, that would be because it's the exact same layout I had before I even started this ridiculous redesign idea.  Three days of Googling, rearranging, pondering, worrying, and imagining what other people would think.  And it turns out, all I really needed was one of my daughters to peek over my shoulder and tell me to stop the madness and just keep the one that works.  (I'm telling you, those girls are seriously brilliant!)

After spending all that time remodeling my little piece of the blogosphere world, I decided that sometimes it's better to just sit tight and stay exactly the way you are.  

I'm so amazed at the people who can just whip up blog layouts.  I'm so grateful that they let me use them for free.  I'm grateful for technology.  And I'm grateful that change is a good thing...even when you're just changing back to the original thing you started with.  Sometimes just the act of moving things around will kick up enough dust to motivate you to do something better than you did before. :)

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