Saturday, October 6, 2012

Conference Saturday

There are lots of reasons I love General Conference, but one of them is the opportunity to just hang out with my family and to try all those labor intensive recipes that I don't have time for during a regular weekend.  

We had a few extra kids at our house today for Conference, which was awesome.  We set the younger kids up at the dining room table with all the Legos Mack owns and they had a great time quietly building things all day long while they listened to the talks in the bathroom.

And extra kids means extra treats...

Wanna know a secret??  I've never actually MADE rice krispie treats before.  Crazy, huh?  I tried once in 1994 when I was trying to prove my domesticity to my new husband.  Unfortunately, they turned into a giant clump of rice krispie goo that tasted like burned, salty butter.  So, I gave up and never tried again...until today!  Thanks to my new idol, the Pioneer Woman, I was motivated to try again.  And it worked!!  And they tasted good!!  Hooray for trying again!

I made a giant pot of chicken noodle soup to eat between sessions and two loaves of bread.  

 At 3:00, we settled back into our places to watch the afternoon speakers.
Flowering Buttercup even brought Taquito downstairs to watch Conference.  He especially loved Elder Nelson.

I loved everything about today.  The weather has cooled to a crispy 50 degrees.  We stayed in jammies and socks all day long.  And the house was filled with great smells, kids who love each other, and a wonderful Spirit that permeated everything.  I'm looking forward to having a repeat of this day again tomorrow.  Happy Conference!


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