Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flashback Tuesday

Of the 30,000+ pictures I have downloaded on my iCloud, one third of them were probably taken in the fall.  I couldn't possibly put all of them on this Flashback post, so I'm starting with the Seattle pictures.  We lived in Seattle from 1998-2000 and we loved the huge pumpkin patches that stretched along the fields beside the freeway.  
Just before Spell Girl was born, we took Flowering Buttercup to pick out a pumpkin for Halloween.  
 She loved it, but it was really hard to pick just one perfect pumpkin.  
 Eventually, we decided on one of the big pumpkins.

But then, she found this tiny little green pumpkin and decided it needed to come home with us, too.  

Oh how I love the fall!  And pumpkins!!  And cooler weather.  And looking through old October pictures.  I'm so glad there are lots of Tuesdays in this month.  

Happy Flashback Friday!   

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