Thursday, October 25, 2012


Today is my perfect little Spell Girl's 14th birthday.  I know I always say this in every birthday post I write, but I cannot believe that 14 years have passed since we added this little cutie to our family.  Spell Girl was born in a little hospital in Enumclaw, WA on October 25, 1998 at 6:34am.  She was the only baby born there that day, and she was so beautiful that the entire staff spent all 48 hours of our stay falling all over themselves to see her.  Her eyes were bright blue until she was about 4 years old and then they settled into the beautiful hazel color that they are now.   

Spell is different than the rest of our kids.  She's much more like the Scout Master than like me.  She is the peacemaker in our home...always.  She resists the contention and sarcastic comments that the rest of us occasionally give into.  She is always the one to calm the storms.   Thank goodness there is one in every family.  With all of the big personalities in our home, it's such a blessing to have one who is content to be still and quiet.

I carved out the entire day today to take her wherever she wanted to go...lunch, shopping, the library, whatever...  
I offered to let her stay home from school or at least get out early.  But she wasn't interested.  She was pretty excited about being at school on her actual birthday.  So, instead of a play day, she asked if I would bring Chick-fil-A for lunch and if I would make her a sign saying she was 14.  Oh, the simple things that make this girl happy.  That's so much like the Scout Master, too.

I'm so grateful for a thoughtful, compassionate, brilliant, talented 14 year old in our family.  

Happy Birthday, Spell Girl

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