Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spray Paint

It's Spring Break here and since we have no plans to go anywhere this week, it's a great time to get some things done around the house.  On Saturday, I did all those little organizational things that have been on my list forever.  I found my desk under the mounds of paper, and emptied boxes that have been sitting for over a year.  

There are a few other MAJOR things on that list that I'd like to accomplish this week.  One of them is getting all of our pictures hung on the wall down the hallway.  I love that "gallery" look with all the family pictures on one wall.  We have FOUR kids, and I take a million pictures, so I'd like to fill a couple of walls with them.  

I like the uniform look of the black frames, but the frames I had were a variety of colors.  So I dug around in the garage until I found some black spray paint (because the Scout Master has EVERYTHING in that garage!) and I transformed my assorted, random pile of picture frames into classy, black, gallery quality frames.  And it took all of 10 minutes!
I used this black stove and grill paint because I really like the matte finish...and because it was available.  :)

I still have so much to do before this project is finished.  I have to choose from all the millions of amazing pictures we've taken over the years.  I have to decide whether I'm going black and white with the pictures or color.  And I might have to actually purchase a few more black frames.  I also need to convince my friend, Laura, to make me one of those vinyl stickers that has a cute "FAMILY" quote on it.    

But, at least I'm making progress.  And at least today's adventure didn't cost me any money (that's always a good thing.)   And if I could find something else to spray paint, I totally would do it because it's such a satisfying thing to make something look brand new and sparkly in less than 10 minutes!  I LOVE spray paint!!


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