Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mars and Venus

Remember that book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?

I think I read that years ago when it was so popular, but I honestly don't remember the details of it.  I mostly remember thinking that it was a great printed validation of things I had always and women are totally different.

On Tuesday night, the Scout Master and a few of the YM leaders and boys were setting up their half of the gym for a Court of Honor, and I knew I would need some extra muscles to help get tables and chairs for New Beginnings, so I capitalized on my opportunity.  I had the Scout Master throw boxes of Christmas lights into my car, and I went to the church with him to see if I could get all those guys to help me set up my event, too.  We were right there in the other half of the gym anyway, and all I needed was 8 round tables and a few chairs (and two long tables, and a piano, and the couch from the foyer, and the ladder and boxes out of my car!

We happened to come in just as the 6th ward's Blue and Gold banquet was finishing, so we asked them to just leave their chairs and long tables out for us.  It was the easiest clean up for them and a SUPERFAST set up for the Court of Honor.  In about five minutes, all those scouts and leaders had about 60 chairs set up on the opposite side of the gym.  They added one long table and three flags and POOF! One Court of Honor...ready to go!

Since they were so speedy, I jumped in and asked if they would help me set up my event, too,  and they were more than happy to do that.  When the chairs and tables were set up, one of the other leaders asked if there was anything else he could help with.  And that's when I mentioned the big boxes in my car and the piano.  

Shep:  What's in these boxes?
Me:  A million white Christmas lights.  :)

As we walked through the boys' side of the gym, I said, "Shep, that's the difference between men and women.  You guys are minimal and direct.  We are decorated and fluffy."

And then he said the nicest thing..."And you guys make life worth living!"  

I loved that guy on Tuesday night.  He didn't complain one bit about all my crazy requests.  And I've met his adorable wife and seen their beautifully decorated and fluffy house and I realized he's totally right.  We need them to do the heavy lifting and setting up of things.  And they need us to soften it and make it all beautiful.  

Here's what their activity looked like on Wednesday night...
They had chairs, tables, and a few cookies for refreshments...everything they needed. 

Here's what our activity looked like...

It was the funniest thing to walk between the two sides of the gym and go from candle light and tablecloths to full fluorescent light and metal chairs.  Theirs was efficient and ours was fluffy.  But they were both amazing events.  All the youth who attended could feel the love and support of their leaders in both meetings.  The Spirit was in both rooms.  And the effort put forth for the scouts is equal to the effort put forth for the Young Women.  (I know that because I live with the guy putting forth all that effort!

I love that there are distinct differences between men and women.  We need efficient as much as we need fluffy, just like Shep said.  We need Mars as much as we need Venus.  And I love them both!


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  1. Actually having the guys help builds their dopamine which is really good for them (they need to serve and protect) - yeah, I read that in John Gray's books, love them!