Saturday, March 10, 2012


I love organizing stuff!  Since we have an official workspace for the kids, we had to have a place for all the office supplies and papers and things.  So this morning I made a trip to my favorite store for organization helpers...IKEA!

I LOVE this place.  I only let myself go there a couple of times a year because I could go a little crazy in there.  And because it's never a short trip.  All that snaking around through every department upstairs and down takes forever!  And almost always, along the way to the place I intend to go, I find a million other things I wasn't even shopping for.  This time, I did all my research in advance so that I could go straight to the things I wanted and get out fast!

Here's what I got...

Those little tins are on a MAGNETIC STRIP!  I was originally going to put these above the kids' desk, but they ended up in my space instead.  I LOVE them.  They hold all those little things that used to float around in my desk drawer.
The desk that I found on Craigslist is massive, but doesn't have any drawer space, so I needed both drawers and a place to house the printer.  This IKEA rolling drawer only took about 30 minutes to put together!
I love these little tin buckets SO much!  They are big enough to hold ALL the pens, pencils, rulers and accessories that the kids need for homework and art projects.  And I used the extra tin for a little green plant.  (Nope, it's not real.  I got it at IKEA, too, because living things don't love it here.)  

So, that's how we spent our Saturday...putting together IKEA things and hanging things on walls.  I love days like this when we get little projects done that make everyone's lives so much easier. 

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  1. Sigh... organizing (even other peoples') makes me sooooo happy!