Saturday, February 18, 2012


Here's how my ideal Saturday would look...

1.  Sleeping in as late as I want.
2.  Brunch at Blue Mesa (or someplace else with a delicious Mexican brunch)
3.  Sitting around with a book for the rest of the day in an already-clean house.

Guess how many of my Saturdays actually look like that??  (um...I don't think I've ever had one of those.)  Here's what this one looked like...

6:00am - awake (ugh!) because that running list in my head started early, although 6:00 is later than 5:00, so technically I did get to sleep in.

8:30am - got the Scout Master and Mack out the door for their scouting thing.
8:45am - ran to the grocery store for a quick $100 worth of necessities...ugh! why is every trip $100?
9:15am - came home and inspected June's Saturday chores.  (She did a perfect job on her bedroom and bathroom.  Hooray!)
9:45am - drove June and a friend to the Stake Activity Days Service Project at the east building.
10:15am - came home and made a million pounds of taco meat and a giant pan of brownies for the scouts.
11:00am - inspected Spell Girl's room and bathroom (also perfect.)   
12:00pm - a dozen scouts arrived for lunch
12:30pm - drove TCD and 2 friends to the high school to watch a wrestling tournament (wrestling...really? yep, there was a boy involved!)
1:30pm - text from the Scout Master at the Robotics tournament:
SM:  "You should bring Spell Girl and June over to the school to see this." 
Me:   "Is it cool?"
SM:  "Yes, pretty cool.  If you come will you bring me a different shirt and a pair of white socks?  It's kinda hot in here."
Me:   "Sure."
2:00pm - decided to clean the kitchen instead of taking the girls to the Robotics thing.
2:05pm - text from TCD "we're done...can you pick us up?" 
2:10pm - took the shirt/socks over to the Robotics thing for the Scout Master since I was out anyway
2:20pm - picked up the girls from the high school and stopped at Sonic on the way to take them all home
3:00pm - started cookie dough for the 2 dozen sugar cookies I signed up to bring for the Ward Valentines Social
4:30pm - rolled, cut, baked and frosted 4 dozen heart shaped cookies
5:00pm - jumped in the shower
6:30pm - Ward Social
8:30pm - drove four girls to a dance that they thought was happening in Plano 
8:50pm - no dance in Plano
9:20pm - drove all the girls back here to play Just Dance on the Wii
10:00pm - drove all the girls home
10:30pm - TCD needed help downloading a video off of youtube for her YW lesson 
11:00pm - in BED...finally!

(OK, I actually didn't do any of the stuff that happened after 8:30pm.  That was all the Scout Master, because I'm too blind to drive at night and because I'm pretty useless after a 12 hour shift.)  

We could not have crammed one more thing into this day...unbelievably busy, but oh so worthwhile...I LOVE relaxing Saturdays, but I LOVE Saturdays like this, too.  At the end of these kinds of crazy days, I can go to sleep knowing that I spent my time doing things that were necessary, helpful, and uplifting for my family.  I look forward to a happily busy and worthwhile day tomorrow, too.

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