Sunday, February 19, 2012

18 Years

Do you know what I was doing 18 years ago today?

...getting married to the most amazing man on the planet!  

I have known Craig since we were 16 years old...long before he was a Scout Master or a dad or a husband.  Long before either of us graduated from high school or college; before he served a mission, and before he could even drive!  He's a different person now than he was at 16.  But I knew then, just as much as I know now, that he is the person I was supposed to be with.   I am so grateful that he continues to weather the storms with me.  That he still wants to come home from all those business trips.  And that he is even better suited to me now than he was at 16.   I look forward to evolving together over the next 18 years!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Here is to 100 more!

  2. Beautiful pictures of both of you,happy anniversary!