Thursday, February 23, 2012


 I've been so busy planning and practicing and preparing for things, that I've been making really crappy eating choices lately.  Most days, I don't eat anything until I'm totally starving and then I devour whatever is most convenient and within arm's reach.  So last night, as I was wandering around Pinterest, I noticed "Intense Body Cleanse" written underneath a picture of some girl's perfect abs.  I read the blog that it came from and was intrigued.  

It's called the GM Diet.  And here's what it looks like...

Day 1:  unlimited fruit, except bananas
Day 2:  baked potato for breakfast with one Tbsp of butter, and unlimited veggies after that
Day 3:  unlimited veggies AND fruit, still no bananas and no potatoes
Day 4:  only bananas and milk (yep! 8 bananas and 3 glasses of skim milk)
Day 5:  20 oz of lean protein and 6 tomatoes!
Day 6:  unlimited protein and veggies
Day 7:  unlimited brown rice, veggies, and fruit juice (unsweetened)

The draw for me was the part where it said that on Day 8, I would wake up weighing 10-17 pounds lighter!  Because really...who doesn't want to lose 10 pounds in a week?  That would totally make up for the December craziness that happened here.  Oh, and it also said something about glowing skin and shiny hair, and eliminating cravings for carbs and sugar...also good things.  

So, I'm being adventurous, doing something different, and hoping that after next week, I will feel better, look better, and not want to live exclusively on goldfish and donuts.  It's a week!  I can totally do ANYTHING for just a week, right? 

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