Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update on Vegan-ism

Did you see this today????

Amazing, huh??  Look how trendy I am.  OK that's SO not the reason I'm doing this.  But it's very cool to have a whole episode of Oprah dedicated to the very challenge that I decided to take on just last week!  VERY COOL!  Haunani Goes Vegan

I actually didn't get to watch it today because it was pre-empted by weather information.  Normally I would be fine with that, because I like the weather.  But come on!  On the one day that I actually have the time and the inclination to watch Oprah, they move it to 2:45am!!  I've TiVo'd it so that I can watch it tomorrow.  Although with my husband stuck in McAllen, there's a strong possibility I may still be up at 2:45 and I can watch it semi-LIVE.   

Anyone wanna take the challenge with me???  21 Day Vegan Challenge

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  1. I am seriously thinking about taking the challenge!