Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Another snow day...

I'm totally running out of ideas to keep these kids occupied.  And I'm totally craving a day ALONE!  (Maybe in the spring...) 

But it's almost Valentine's Day, so this morning, a few neighborhood girls came over to work on their Valentines with Spell Girl and June.  (Mack was not at all interested in Valentines.  I barely got him to write his name on his.)
June picked the boxed Disney Valentines...although she did heavily personalize them with stickers and decorations.
This year Spell Girl was the only one who chose to MAKE her Valentines. 

While I watched them today, I thought about all those little Valentine projects that they used to do when they were little.  They're not as enthusiastic about the butterfly valentines...
or the little puff ball valentines...

...which is less work for me, but it's kinda sad to think that those Family Fun magazine days are over in my house.  I read that magazine in the dentist's office the other day and realized that I probably won't ever need a subscription to it again...(sniff...)
...well, maybe for the grandkids  :)

But, as sad as it is to see those years go by, I am totally excited for the years that are coming up...dances, dating, driving, cellphones, high school.   And the best part is that no matter what age they are, they ALWAYS love MY favorite thing about Valentine's Day...


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