Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day (Final Episode)

Final Day of being stuck inside...I'm pretty sure...sun and warmer weather are on the way tomorrow.  (thank you, Droid...what on earth did I ever do without this thing??)
Weatherbug for Droid

Highlights of the Day
Decorated for Valentine's Day (LOVE blocks courtesy of Laura Hampton)
Spell Girl playing Angry Birds between chapters
June and her cute friend from across the street
Mack and his friends
Hot Chocolate
 New Manicure
Lunch...yum! and VEGAN
chocolate chip cookies...NOT vegan...because they said, "PLEASE just make them regular."

I read a comment on someone else's blog today.  She said, "Today is a real snow day.  Enjoy the moment and the break.  The beauty in a snow day is that life slows down if just for a few hours."  She means that after 3 days of looking at a sheet of ice, we woke up to 4 inches of actual snow this morning.  So it's like it finally counts as a SNOW DAY.   

I don't love snow.  (I think I may have said that a few times in my life.)  But this morning, from the warmth of my house, with my kids all safely inside, and my husband working from home, it really is beautiful...and peaceful.  I was struck this morning by the difference between the torrential rain on Monday night and the snow last night.  Both mornings we could see the results of the storm the previous night, but one was so much more quiet and subtle...and so much prettier!
I love that comment above because the slowing down part has been the best part of the last four days.  In this unexpected week-long break, we have slept late, snuggled, written letters, eaten better, played, cleaned out corners, read books, and talked to each other more.  This is very definitely NOT the week I had planned, but sometimes unplanned is still successful.  There are still piles of laundry and dishes.  The people in this house have eaten two weeks worth of food in 5 days.  And we still have two more days before anyone leaves the house...BUT after four days, I am TOTALLY grateful for the unexpected break and for the great things that we've done with it.

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  1. Those are some cute blocks. I need to send you some of my new stuff!