Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Cruise Director

Last night, there was a Winter Frenzy Dance at the middle school.  Sometime this week, during one of our crossroads times, D1 mentioned that there was a church dance on Saturday night.  

Me:  So you have two dances this weekend?
D1:  No
Me:  Isn't there a dance at school on Friday night?
D1:  Oh, yeah, we're not going to that one.
Me:  Really, why not?
D1:  Because we all talked about it and decided that the music is probably not going to be appropriate and everyone will probably be naked. 
Me:  Naked??
D1:  Yeah, they dress really immodestly whenever they can get away with it.  I'm sure it will be like that at the dance.  So we're not going.  Do you think I could just have all my friends over on Saturday afternoon so we can all get ready together?
Me:  Um...absolutely YES!  (too enthusiastic?)

Last night she had a sleepover with Spell Girl, which usually means that they stay up all night talking and then sleep until noon the next day.   But Spell Girl was up having breakfast by 9am this morning...on a Saturday!  Unheard of...
It turns out that D1 got up at 8am and started cleaning her room, and then woke up Spell Girl and kicked her out at 9am so she could make her bed!!  (I immediately went downstairs to check D1's temperature and inform her that it was only 9:00 in the morning!!  She didn't find me quite as hilarious as I thought I was.)

D1 spent the morning cleaning both her room AND her bathroom!  Trash bags were hauled out, dust bunnies were dusted, drawers and closets were cleaned.  It was a JOY to watch her.  At 1:30 she came out for a lunch break...and I seized the opportunity to peek in and see what she had done.   
Oh, how I wish I had thought to take a picture!  It was spectacular!  Not only was her room SPOTLESS, but she had set the whole thing up like a spa, complete with stations for her friends to rotate through!  
  • big bucket of warm soapy water (yes, with a towel under it!) for pedicure pre-soaking
  • a large selection of Seventeen magazines for everyone to read while they soaked or waited
  • red construction paper, scissors and a heart shaped template for making Valentines
  • a manicure station with an assortment of nail polish, cotton, and protective covering on the dresser
D1 has been the world's greatest Cruise Director for as long as I can remember. (hey!! I think I might have just found her new blog name!'s so much better than Frog in the Box.

When The Cruise Director was 10, she organized her own birthday party...a pajama fashion show for 12 girls.  She planned, games, even the exact timing for the opening of presents.  And I remember just standing there and watching her in complete amazement and awe.  She has since planned all of her subsequent birthday parties as well.

She is a Master Orchestrater of Events and Mover of People.  People just want to be wherever she is and do whatever she does.  She's a catalyst.  She has a thought and POOF! swarms of girls are there doing whatever it is she's thought up.  I've never seen anything like it, especially at her age.  I'm pretty sure I was awkward, insecure and socially retarded at 14. 
The Spa/Salon
Baked Potato Bar

Finally ready for the dance

Oh, and in addition to planning her own party tonight, she also planned a long distance "pick me up" party for her friend in Mendon who was having a crappy day.  seriously, amazing...she's my hero.


  1. You were NOT "awkward, insecure and socially retarded at 14," not by a long shot! You were actually very similar to The Cruise Director, though in a quieter way. You welcomed everybody into your orbit, never judged anyone or made them feel uncomfortable, and always had kindness at the forefront. You were organized, tidy, efficient, and active - SEE, like mother like daughter!

  2. What a nice comment. And it's in INK, too, so I can keep it forever. Love you heeps!! <3

  3. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Not only does she look just like you...she is YOU!!! I didn't know you when you when you were growing up, but I can say that reading what you posted was like reading all about you. You have all the same amazing qualities and Savannah has gotten them from you. Two peas in a pod!