Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day (Part Three)

Here are the highlights of our third day...four school...stuck at home:

Smoothies with Broccoli
yep! BROCCOLI!!  I totally tricked the kids today and threw a cup of frozen broccoli into the banana-berry smoothies I made this morning.  You can't even taste it and it's a whole serving of vegetables!  And if I hadn't left the bag on the counter, no one would have found out.  It was too late to turn back, though.  They had already tasted it and liked it.  (HOORAY!)

Building Forts
Spell Girl and June (that's Daughter #3) had some friends over today and built a massive fort in June's room.  It kept them occupied for HOURS and they had a ball.  Except they cleaned it all up before they remembered that I wanted pictures.  (Did you read that??? They CLEANED it ALL up!...Hooray!!)

Kale Chips 
These were not the hit that the broccoli smoothies were.  Only 50% of us liked these, and the other 50% asked me why I was feeding them dried up leaves.  BUT what started as an entire bag of fresh kale, was completely gone after I sprinkled some olive oil and salt on it and baked it for 12 minutes!  And it was my non-veggie-loving girls who ate most of it.  (HOORAY!)

Organizing My Droid

In my opinion, if you get one of these, you TOTALLY need to either bring the Verizon guy home with you or have a 14 year old who lives with you.  It's taken me a week to figure out how to send a text without accidentally making a phone call.  And on Sunday, I added 5 people to my contacts list but I couldn't figure out how to save it turns out I didn't actually add 5 people to my contacts.  So this morning, when I couldn't figure out how to put anymore app shortcuts on my homepage, or how to take off the ones that I had accidentally put there, I finally gave up and asked the DROID WIZARD (my resident 14 year old) for help.  In 30 minutes, I had a new homepage, a page of News/Weather/Information apps, a page of Game/Entertainment apps, a page for my emails, a page of favorite contacts, a page of Internet Bookmarks and a supercute new background!  Amazing...I mean Incredible!

Nintendo 64
We have a really really really OLD gaming system.  And so far, the kids don't know how deprived they are, so they continue to play it which means we continue NOT to give in and get anything more updated for them.  They played EVERY game we have today, and had a tournament with my husband.  It's nice to resurrect things every now and then (the games, not my husband).  
Maybe tomorrow I'll dig out all the toys I've packed away for the grandkids.  :)
I was just about to finish this endless post when I realized I needed to add something.  I just witnessed the most amazing thing...June is having a "late over" tonight with a girl who lives across the street.  She's been here most of the day and they've played games, done their nails, eaten food, made scrapbooks, hot glued stuff, eaten food, listened to music, built a fort, eaten more food...and with only 30 minutes left, June just ran downstairs, rummaged around for awhile, and finally yelled up, "Where's the Primary Songbook??"  Then from behind closed doors, I heard June first, and later both girls singing "I Am a Child of God."  A few minutes later she came out with her friend and wondered if I had a picture of President Monson and the 12 Apostles.  As a matter of fact, I had a Conference issue of the Ensign.  So now, they're in her room discussing the organization of the church.  Fearless!

Update...SNOW DAY (final episode) tomorrow.   At this point, I'm fine with scrapping this week and just committing to starting fresh on Monday...I may need that COMMITMENT in writing from the school district, though!  

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