Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Moving Week...Wednesday

It's been another productive day...which is good because I'm anticipating that tomorrow and Friday are going to be busy in a completely different kind of way.  Much more social and out of the house, which will be good because I've been such a hermit this week.  But not so good because I don't think I'll get much done at home.  
  • We gave this desk to a cute family in our ward tonight.  They didn't have a vehicle big enough to transport it, so Craig just threw it in the back of the van that hasn't yet been purged, and took it over to their house.  t think we've come to the decision that anything we've had since we lived in our first apartment or anything that looks like it's been with us since our first apartment isn't making this trip.  
  • I separated the clothes in my closet into two different sides: DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO THE HOTEL and POSSIBLY GOING TO THE HOTEL.  So I feel like that makes me one tiny step closer to being packed for a 17 day hotel stay.  (The ones on the right are the possibilities, in case you were wondering...)
  • I took all the pictures off the walls today.  Remember that gallery wall up the stairs that I loved so much?  Well, it's now in a pile on my living room floor.  The house echoes now.  And it feels a little bit like all the personality has been stripped from it.  I guess that's appropriate, though, because the people moving in next week will want to fill it with their own personality.  I wonder if the people in that Birmingham house are feeling this way, too?  This is definitely one of the two pre-moving tasks I've been most dreading.  The other one I will be putting off until as late as possible on Friday and I will be writing a substantial blog post about it.  

These winding down days are so strange.  So much of me wants to just get going with this move already, but another small part wants to hang onto all the great things that have happened in the last 5 1/2 years.  This is such a ridiculously busy time of year that it's almost impossible to stop for very long and remember anything.  Even an occasional blog post is difficult to fit in.  I am so grateful for the luxury of having someone else pack and load and clean for us this time.  I'm grateful that when the people I love come to my house this week, they can sit here and visit instead of having to help haul boxes out to a truck.  And that sort of makes all those piles on my dining room table totally worth it because they've lured a ton of people over here to just hang out on my couch and chat.  

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