Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Loading Day

I woke up this morning totally unsettled and sad and mostly just wanting all of this motion to stop.  

I really like this place.  And I have really liked this house for the last 5 years.  I don't need a new one or a lake or more space.  This space is just fine.  

I cried through the last morning prayer I would say beside my bed looking out at the tree where that little bird always sits.  

I cried when Craig went to go get the girls from seminary and we had pancakes for breakfast for the last time in our kitchen.  

I cried when everyone left for school and I was sitting here in this quiet house waiting for movers to show up watching the pouring rain outside, thinking surely it wouldn't keep that up all day long.  

But somehow as the day moved on, I eventually stopped crying, and everything worked out just fine.

The moving truck was a little late and pulled up to the house just after 10am and just after the rain had stopped.  

I realized that Savannah's little Mac Book is just a mini version of my Mac, not an iPad which is just a giant version of a phone and not conducive at all to blog posting.  So hooray...I was able to get on my CSM Conference call from 11-12 today and also stay out of the way for most of the day while movers hauled stuff down the stairs and out to the truck.  

By 4:30 when McKay and I got home from his trumpet lesson, the truck was almost entirely loaded.  The kids watched them put in the last few things while I ran the vacuum through the house one last time, and then off they drove...to take our stuff to Birmingham.

The best thing about this day was that in those few short prayers I had this morning, I specifically asked for things (people) to make the day better than it felt when I woke up.  It felt heavy and sad this morning, and I didn't think I would be able to get through it without falling apart every time a piece of furniture left the house.  But, somehow, at every single transition point, where I probably would have fallen apart, there was some unexpected text from someone or people stopped by or some happy distraction came long enough to keep me from wallowing in my sadness.  I'm so grateful for that very small handful of people today.  Without them, this day would have been so much harder.  I'm grateful for technology that allows us to send texts when we're too far away to come over.  I'm grateful for people who just show up with large Sonic drinks!  And I'm grateful for this amazing group of neighbors that always manages to come over at just the right time.  

Oh, how I hope there will be people like this in Birmingham.  

1 comment:

  1. There will be!
    You and your terrific smile and love of life...
    You draw people in.
    Good people.
    Lucky people.
    You will be just fine.
    Now...in the meantime...
    Relax, nap, read, pray, enjoy that maid service!
    You deserve it!