Monday, May 16, 2016

Packing Day 2

Well, I wasn't grumpy today...hooray!  Everyone else here was pretty happy about that, too.  

We started early again this morning with more piles and more lists and preparing for yet another day of packing and boxing.  Those same cute girls from Saturday came back with one additional helper today and started packing the garage at 9:00 this morning.  Two hours later they moved onto the kitchen and spent another 3 hours there.  Holy cow!  

This is what the living room looked like a few weeks ago...
 This is what it looked like this morning...
...and this is what it looked like when the kids came home from school.

 This is the kitchen last week before we gave our table away...
...and this is the kitchen now.  

At the very end of the day, in the very last hour of the time those cute packers spent at our house, they came to pack up my's possible that was the hardest thing to hand over. I reluctantly moved out of the way and let them box it up, and look what they did to it...

Isn't that the nicest thing ever!  

It's been another crazy long, mostly sitting and watching people kind of a day, but one step closer to getting somewhere that I think we're supposed to be.  And that's motion and motion is good, right?  I'm hanging onto the hope that it is.  

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