Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Moving Week...Tuesday

Oh hi...that's me back there officially buried under a giant pile of stuff that can't come with us to Birmingham.  I decided to drag all the piles I've been making into one room and then spent the morning sending texts and FB messages inviting people to come and get any of it that they want.  And even after getting rid of a lot of it, it still looks a little bit like a small disaster in my house...

But the good part is.
  • 7 out of 9 windows have been replaced (the giant one in Megan's room requires two people, and he came by himself, so he'll have to come back with a friend to install that one.  And one of the master bedroom windows broke so they have to reorder that one, which may or may not get here before closing next Wednesday, but surely they won't hold up closing for one window??!!)
  • Everything else on that repair list is finished!  
  • The girls' old violin and piano books have been given to good homes. (How we've managed to hang onto so many of those over the years, I'm not sure.  But my music file is dramatically less full after today and that is a great thing!)
  • Someone actually wanted that file box full of old FHE lessons and my old flannel board BofM stories...yay!  (remember when we used to have FHE groups and we'd bring five sets of FHE lessons and then trade them? do they even do that anymore?  probably not...when there's Google and the Mormon Channel...anyway, I'm so happy they went to a cute little home.)
  • The new Scoutmaster and his wife came over and took the stuff from the old Scoutmaster's "Great Big Box of Everything" that has been in our garage forever.  (They took matches, hot chocolate mix, WD-40, kerosene, and a ton of other stuff!)
  • Emma finished her drive times and got her certificate of completion for TX drivers ed, which transfers to Alabama!  Hooray!  (one certificate down, one more to go!)
  • I took all the remaining contents of my garage freezer down to my neighbor's house and then stayed there and talked to her for an hour!  And then I borrowed her piano (since ours has become part of the purge) and played through the hymns for this Sunday which I've never heard before in my life...and also the special musical number that I'm accompanying.  
  • In my weekly CSM conference call yesterday, one of my pictures was mentioned as an example of what they were looking for as they ramp up the standards of the photos the church will accept. (Another one of mine was also used as an example of what they would definitely not accept, but since 90% of what I've submitted lately has been rejected, I think I'll just bask in the positive feedback on this one for a minute...)

There is still so much to do, and we're down to the last handful of days before the real chaos begins, but it's been a really good, really productive day, and I love those.  And I'm mostly happy at the end of this one to be able to check a few things off the list, and to have connected with a few good friends while doing it.  

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