Saturday, May 14, 2016

Packing Day 1

The packers came at 9:00 this morning.  The upstairs, the dining room, the entryway, and all the things that used to hang on the walls are now in boxes scattered around the house.  

Megan and I missed most of that whole process, though, because we were taking pictures all day!  

Today was the Change the World Allen annual HUGE humanitarian event.  Earlier this week someone from the Stake PR department emailed and asked if I would help cover the eight wards' service projects throughout the day.  At first, I really didn't think I would be able to because I had PACKING DAY written in giant letters on my calendar, but after talking to Craig, I emailed back and said yes.  I think Craig knew that I probably didn't need to be in this house today hovering around these poor packing folks and worrying about all my stuff.  

So I spent Friday night mapping out my route and charging my camera battery, and Megan and I left super early this morning before the packers even arrived.  

We had this unexpected and perfectly timed cold front come in last night, so instead of the high humid 80s weather we've been suffering through all week, today was chilly and overcast and only got up to about 60 degrees...perfect for taking pictures, doing service activities, and driving around rural Allen/McKinney.  

Megan and I might have gotten a tiny bit distracted a couple of times.

We saw such great people doing such great things for disabled and elderly homeowners who were so grateful for the help.  Lots of hands made such a huge difference in just one day.

Megan and I got home just in time to meet the two cute women who packed our house and they were SO nice.  TWO women packed the entire upstairs and all of that downstairs stuff in just 6 hours all by themselves.  Holy cow!  And honestly, if I could have hand picked people to carefully wrap all of my family pictures and the grandma platters, I would have picked them.  They picked the perfect, most convenient half of the house to pack first so we could still live here comfortably for the next two days.  And they're the same ones who will come back Monday to pack the rest of the house, including the 4 sets of glasses and 6 sets of dishes that I have in my kitchen.  Seriously??  after purging for a month I still have 6 sets of dishes??

It's been a crazy long end to a crazy long week, and I'm shocked at how much we've been able to accomplish.  I'm also completely overwhelmed at the outpouring of blessings that I've felt today.  There was some surprisingly happy thing around every single corner.  The girls' friends threw them a surprise pre-dance/going away party tonight.  My friend offered to have McKay spend the entire day at her house so he wouldn't be completely bored out of his mind here at home with the boxes all day long.  I've remembered at the last minute to save every important thing we need to have with us for the next 20 days until we get to Birmingham and shortly thereafter.  People have shown up just when we've needed them.  Fields of yellow flowers have appeared out of nowhere.  

There were countless evidences of Heavenly Father's hand in my life today and throughout this entire week, and I'm grateful to have had a minute to remember them tonight.  I'm grateful for this place where we still live.  I'm grateful to have been asked to magnify my calling this weekend, and for the chance to spend the day not consumed with thoughts about myself and this house and my stuff, but instead to be in the presence of so many amazing people (who probably have their own long lists of stuff) giving their whole Saturday to do things that could not have happened without them.

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