Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day H54F

Hooray it's Friday!  I can't tell you how happy I am to see the end of this week.  Five straight weeks of Craig on the road has definitely taken it's toll.  I'm much more balanced and happy when he's home.  And Valentine's Day is an even better way to end a week like this. 

1.  Candy with Scriptures
Each of the kids got a tiny little box of chocolates this morning before we read scriptures.  It's nice to start the day with a treat, don't you think?

2.  Lunch Surprises
I found these adorable little chocolate lollipops and snuck them into the kids' lunches today with a little love note.  I'm hoping someone will text me today when they find their surprise.  

3.  Love Notes
I think this is the second or third year that we've done this.  I cut out a million little hearts out of construction paper and we write little love notes to each other and stick them up on the kitchen cabinets.  It's so fun to see what the kids write to each other during the month.  

4.  Decorations Around the House
It's so nice to finally put a little color back up on the walls.  January seems so bleak after the house has been filled with Christmas.  I love that February comes just in time to revive me again.  

5.  Valentines
Last year we made homemade Valentines.  Every year we've made homemade Valentines.  But this year, McKay is in 5th grade and he's more of a minimalist Valentine giver these days.  He just wanted plain old store Valentines for his class this year.  I think my years of coming up with cute Valentine ideas and doing little Valentine crafts are coming to an end.  :(

Happy Valentine's Day.  I hope it's a wonderful day where you are and that the people who surround you have told you how much they love you today.  

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