Friday, February 28, 2014

High Five for Birthday Week

I love the whole month of February, but Birthday Week is by far my favorite week.  I love all the fuss.  I love the birthday coupons that appear in my email.  I love flowers and cake and balloons...oh yeah, and presents!!  I really love presents.  

Monday - Institute and a birthday lunch with friends.  Loved Institute.  Loved the lunch.  Loved the friends.  

Tuesday - Days that start with cake and end with cake can never be bad, right?  The kids combined their efforts and bought me the most gorgeous turquoise vase I have ever seen.  So excited to finish that dining room now.  Craig took the day off and we ran errands, had Mexican food for lunch, and popped over to the Rod's office to connect with them and finalize Spring Break plans.  Relief Society meeting that night with...guess what? yep, more cake!  And Megan and Emma sang their beautiful song together.  I love hearing my girls sing.  It was a pretty great birthday.  

Wednesday - I'm pretty sure Wednesday was my favorite day this week.  I stayed in jammies until 12:00, went visiting teaching (I love those women) and had a Cub Scout activity that did not require any planning on my part.  And it was too cold to wear that hideous uniform.  Great day.  Oh, and surprise birthday wishes totally helped, too.  Love those.

Thursday - My newly declared Temple Day with an amazing group of women.  I have never in my life wanted to be part of a Temple group.  I usually prefer to just go by myself.  But these women have had a standing Temple date for years and they've invited me more times than I can count.  Until last week, I always found an excuse to say no, but I loved being with them so much that I thought I'd go again, and I loved it again.  So I'm adding Thursday Temple days with these lovely women to my weekly schedule, and I'm so happy about that.  

Friday - Lunch with Amy, running errands, and exploring a new store in McKinney.  Craig took McKay on the Scout camp out so the girls and I went Spring Break shopping.  Perfect end to a perfect week.

Thanks for all the sweet IG and email-y and actual mail-y birthday wishes!  

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  1. Your birthday?? Oh! We have our birthday SO close to each other. Happy (belated) birthday, friend! May you be blessed abundantly this next year.