Friday, February 7, 2014

High Five for Friday

Some weeks seem longer to me than others.  And some weeks feel like a whole month's worth of activities have been crammed into them.  This has been a good week.  Busy, and then slow. Chaos, and then quiet.  Warm, and then freezing.  But that's probably typical of a mid-winter week with four (mostly teenage) kids and a husband who travels all week long.  

Here are some of the little things that I haven't already posted about.

1.  Morning Texts
She doesn't actually hate seminary, but it is a challenging year for her, and therefore she needs extra encouragement to get out of bed most days.  I set my alarm for 5:15 and start texting to wake her up.  Usually by 5:30 she's up and moving.  And always, when she comes home at 6:55 she's forgotten all about her warm bed and she has found something enjoyable about her seminary experience.  

2.  Business Trips Adventures

Well, there was no snow during this week's business trip in Miami.  No cars on fire .  No ice covered parking lots.  No treacherous travel conditions.  But there's always some adventure on Craig's trips.  That's Jacob Rodriguez (aka "Craig's travel partner of choice" these days) and that's Angelica that Jacob is holding.  Can you see her?  She's a monkey.  In a yellow dress and hot pink leggings.  At the restaurant.  Apparently she belongs to the owner and she has some sisters at home, but she is his favorite so she gets to come to work with him.  
Only in Miami…

3.  Hoodie

Emma is in this UIL one-act play coming up in March.  She and her fellow Little Mermaid actors couldn't get enough of each other or the experience of rehearsing for a show, so their drama teacher found a play that they could ALL participate in.  Oh, I love that woman!  My little Emma delights in being involved in stuff.  She is always at her best when she's busy and actively engaged in a good thing.  This is a good thing for her.  

4.  DMCO
Can you see this amazing music?  And more importantly, can you see that amazing alto part???  We get to sing a low G…that's the one BELOW middle C…twice!  That is an alto's dream, I'd like you to know.  This whole unbelievable piece of music makes my head spin.  I love the way it sounds even in rehearsal and I can't wait to hear it all come together with the orchestra as we get closer to the concert.  April 26th…mark your calendars.  You do NOT want to miss this.  

5.  Nail Polish
Over the Christmas break, Emma and I stocked up on new nail polish.  I typically don't paint my nails because it's kind of distracting to see all that color when I'm playing the piano or the organ.  But…in an impetuous moment this week, I decided to just do it!  I know, it's not exactly daring.  It's grey.  I think the name on the bottle says "WET CEMENT."  It's a little startling to look down and see anything on my fingernails, but I kinda like it.  I also kinda like that accent finger trend that everyone's doing lately.  Can you see the glittery one?  I know, it's more subtle than shocking, but that's plenty for me.  And btw...there is not enough lotion in the world these days to keep my hands from looking like elephant skin.  This dry weather is killing me.  

I'm grateful for all the little things that happened this week.  All those quiet, seemingly insignificant moments, when woven in among the chaotic ones, turn an ordinary week into a pretty perfect one.  Hope your week was wonderful and that either the sun is shining where you are, or that you have an electric blanket close by.    


  1. You've had a good week and my favorite part? The monkey and the story behind it! LOL Hope your weekend is just as great!

  2. Nice stuff to like! I especially like the "I Hate Seminary" haha...I remember how hard it was to be sitting in class at 6 a.m. sooooo tired. My daughter just started this year but it's on-line b/c we're so far out in nowhere. I think she's getting off pretty easy :)