Friday, February 21, 2014

High Five for Friday

1.  Flowers
On Tuesday afternoon, some missionaries showed up at my door with these beautiful little tulips.  Elder Christensen said, "Since I couldn't give my mom flowers for Valentine's Day, I thought I'd give these to you."  How sweet is that?  Have I mentioned how much I love these missionaries??

2.  Survival
On Wednesday, I mustered up all of the "inner-camper" within me and dragged myself to Home Depot to get supplies for these paracord survival bracelets for our Webelos activity.  And then I figured out how to make one.  They're surprisingly tedious and frustrating, but I felt a great deal of personal accomplishment wearing mine around all day.  The boys loved the activity and fortunately picked up the braiding technique a whole lot faster than I did.  Now we are all prepared to survive the next natural disaster, although I'm not sure how an 8ft string is really going to be useful in that situation.

3.  Reptiles
The YW had a reptile activity on Wednesday night.  Emma has decided we need a snake.  That is not going to happen.  I told her that I was so happy she got to enjoy this activity in a location outside of our home.   And I was secretly thrilled that I am not currently serving in YW.

4.  Hoodie

Craig and I went to the middle school yesterday afternoon to see the dress rehearsal of Emma's UIL play that she's been working on.  Holy cow!  Those kids are shockingly talented and the play was surprisingly entertaining, even without a single musical number!  :)
McKay even loved it.  

5.  The Temple
A friend texted me at 8:00 yesterday morning and invited me to go to the Temple with her.  I changed appointments, threw on a dress, and hopped in my car.  I love the clarity and calm that I always feel when I go there.  And I loved being able to go with a friend.  It was the perfect, unexpected break in the middle of a busy week.  

This been a great week, and I'm looking forward to an even better weekend: a camp out, mini missions tonight and tomorrow, and a special musical number in church.  (Don't be alarmed, even with my survival bracelet, I don't think I'm up for a camp out quite yet...Craig is taking the three kids who aren't participating in mini mission stuff, so that the house is free for teenagers.)  

Hope you have a great weekend, too!

1 comment:

  1. You are such a better friend than I am.
    I probs would have made up some excuse as to why I couldn't go. ..
    Well, unless it were you...: )

    Love the flowers. I am not a flower person. They always reminded me of a funeral home.
    But then, at my father's funeral home there were tons of flowers. And none of them smelled.
    Apparently now they De-smell flowers?
    Go figure.
    Happy, cozy weekend, my smiling friend. : )