Wednesday, February 19, 2014

20 Years

Dear Babies,

Today is the 20th anniversary of the day Daddy and I got married.  Oh, how the days have changed since February 19, 1994.  We didn't know then that we would have all four of you, where life (and jobs) would take us, or how our lives would look in 20 years.  But we had high expectations and we were anxious to start our life together, whatever it looked like.

In 1994, my head was spinning with excitement and the thought of all the possibilities that were ahead of us.  A hundred people traveled all the way to San Diego to be part of our day.  Nana sent gorgeous flowers from Hawaii even though she couldn't make the trip.  Grandma and Grandpa George were busy running around the Del Mar Hilton making sure all the reception plans were coming together.  The Grs had a room full of Thunells who were anxious for a wedding and for a week of playing in California.  Aunt Nance helped me get ready, and then everyone made a huge fuss over my dress and my hair and my flowers.  There was more food at our reception than I think I've ever seen in my life, but we didn't eat any of it because we were so giddy and happy.  Who could think about food?  It was a spectacular day.

Twenty years later, our day looks a little different than it did in 1994.  Daddy and I had breakfast with you and read scriptures, just like every other day.  We folded laundry together after everyone left for school.  I didn't even get to talk to him for very long before he started a conference call this morning.  At 9:00am, I am still in jammies and slippers and no one is making a fuss over me.  Our anniversary dinner will have to wait until tomorrow night because I have Cub Scouts this afternoon and he has YM tonight.  The schedules take precedence these days.  But today will still be as perfect a day as the one we spent together 20 years ago.  

I want you to know that as amazing as our wedding day was, it is the thousands of ordinary days that we've had since then that I am most grateful for.   It's not the grand vacations or the expensive gifts or parties full of people that I remember and cherish the most about the last 20 years.  It is sitting in church next to Daddy with all of you beside us.  It's the dinners around the kitchen table, the diapers changed, the sleepless nights, the endless road trips, the crazy, not so reverent FHEs, and the furniture moved into and out of a handful of homes.  It's yard work and birthday cakes and fingerprints and the sound of Daddy snoring.  

Daddy and I have become a great team over the last 20 years.  I design and he executes.  I have an idea or a vision or an inspiration, and he believes in it and brings it to pass.  I cry and yell and get frustrated and he is the calm voice of reason that puts everything back into perspective.  I procrastinate and become overwhelmed and he makes a list.  He brings us all together and I make delicious food.  He gives a great Sunday School lesson and I tie the little spiritual bow around it at the end.  He is consistent and reliable and I am hilarious and emotional.  He cleans bathrooms and I take care of sick babies.  He plans road trips and packs the car and I make a beautiful, organized nest out of the hotel room.    
That balance didn't happen overnight.  It has taken 20 wonderful, challenging, difficult, joyful years to create that and to appreciate it.  I would not be me without Daddy.  And he would not be himself without me.  There are two of us for a reason.  We are better together than we would be apart.  And we would not be who we are without all of you.  

I am grateful for who we have become over the last 20 years.  And I am so grateful for that February day 20 years ago in California because it was the beginning of a beautiful life with all of you.   

I love you so much,



  1. Happy Anniversary, you two lovebirds!!!!
    And this is beautiful. Print it out and save a copy for each one. : )
    Don't you just love how bossy I'm getting?!?!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved! May God continue to bless and keep you always. What a beautiful example you set for your children and someday, their children. Isn't it amazing how our actions of love and forgiveness effect so many lives for such a long period of time. Sending you big hugs on your special day. BTW, you share the same anniversary as my in-laws.....59 years today!!!