Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ten Random Things

My sweet friend, Billie Jo, nominated me for the Sunshine Award (maybe with a tiny bit of coaxing.)  Hooray!  I love bloggy awards and I love random lists.  And I also happen to love Billie Jo.  

Here are my ten really random things…

1.  My all time favorite food in the world is Chips and Salsa!  If given a choice, I would pick Mexican food every day of the week.  

2.  My favorite household chore is LAUNDRY.  I love sorting it.  I love throwing it in the washing machine and transferring it to the dryer.  I love folding it.  And I especially love looking at the piles of clean clothes when it's all done.  Although when I was pregnant, the smell of freshly dried laundry made me completely nauseous.

3.  Speaking of pregnancies…when I was pregnant with Megan I craved corn dogs, and not the frozen ones.  We lived in a little corporate apartment in Seattle at the time, so every morning at 10:45, Savannah and I would go to the little QFC grocery store and wait for the deli to open so that I could start my day with a corn dog.  Savannah never ate them.  She preferred a normal breakfast so I always fed her before we left the apartment.  Remarkably, Megan turned out perfectly healthy and normal despite my crazy pregnancy diet with her.  

4.  I DO NOT like peanut butter…in anything.  Even the smell of it makes me want to leave the room.  

5.  I am petrified of heights…like ridiculously, unreasonably afraid of anything higher than 6 feet off the ground.  But I managed to drag myself out onto a ledge at the Grand Canyon just so I could say that I've been there.  (And secretly to make sure that none of my babies fell off of it.)

6.  My favorite color is purple.  It has been since I was a little girl.  One year, my mom's friend made me a purple birthday cake.  I'm not as big a fan of purple frosting these days as I was when I was 8.  

7.  I am totally a morning person!  I love the start of a new day and 99% of the time I wake up happy and ready to get going.  I am wildly productive before 9:00am.  Which is a good thing, because after that, there's no guarantee I'll get much done.  

8.  I have never cleaned a toilet.  Ever.  And I hope to never have to do that.  Ever.

9.  I have an internal radar for the beach.  I can smell it from miles away.  My soul is drawn to the water.  I think I must have been a fish in a previous life…or a mermaid.  (just joking, you know we don't believe in previous lives, right?…or mermaids)

10.  I met my husband when we were 16 years old.  I was his first date on October 18, 1986 and 7 years later we were married in San Diego, CA.  (that's the abbreviated version of the story, a lot happened in that 7 years.)


  1. How gorgeous are you two?!

    Ok... Let's have laundry parties!
    I love doing laundry too...it is like my hobby. : )
    You lost me on the peanutbutter, though. Sorry!
    Thanks for playing! I know all your deep dark secrets now, right? ; )

    1. Well, I might have saved a couple for the next random list I have to create. :)

  2. Aren't pregnancy cravings the weirdest things?? I had a different one for each child. Did you? For Clementine, I craved beer and salad!! Isn't that bizarre? LOL You've never cleaned a toilet? Holy cats! You have lived quite an adventurous life living in so many cities. And I am like you on the beach...my husband thinks I'm crazy! Loved your list!

    1. Yes! They were different with each pregnancy. Except when I was pregnant with McKay and the sight of food made me cringe. I barely ate anything for that whole nine months. :)