Thursday, February 13, 2014


Thursday nights are DMCO rehearsals for us.  

Have I mentioned how much I love this choir?  

Well, in case I haven't quite convinced you, here's proof.  We're singing this in April...

It's just a folk song, right?  No big deal.  Well, it's not in my comfort zone, for sure.  I sing sacred, Broadway, and ballads…that's pretty much it.  But look at page four!  Those little x's are NOT the percussion line.  That's us…the choir is clapping for half a page!  And not just any old claps…these are the knee slapping kind.  And they're FAST.  Can I just tell you that I seriously almost curled up into a tiny little ball when they introduced this a couple of weeks ago?  And I've been in denial ever since.  

I have some very high standards about what I'm willing to do publicly.  

  • I don't sing solos.  (Fine, I may have sung a couple of solos, but I don't like it.)
  • I don't act.  (Well, unless it's for a Stake Book of Mormon pageant and I'm one of four women in the stake who looks like a Lamanite.) 
  • I don't participate in stage productions.  (OK, I did do a few of those in high school, but I would NEVER do that again.)  
  • I don't sing karaoke.  (Unless it's with the Rodriguez's…or the Thunell's…or maybe on a cruise ship…but that's it!)
  • I don't play charades.  (EVER)
  • And I don't sing with choreography, especially if it's the clapping kind and it requires coordination…and especially not if I'm standing on the FRONT ROW!

I have quit choirs before just because we had to SWAY.  It's true.  This whole clapping thing is an extremely big deal.  I cannot even visualize what I'm going to look like doing this.  It may be an epic disaster.  But fortunately there are 150 other people to look at and maybe no one will notice me.  OR…maybe the tubas will be big enough to hide me from the audience during this song...  

So, despite the nights I've laid awake planning escape routes, and even though I have less than zero confidence about my knee-slapping abilities, I'm staying in the choir.  That's how much I love it.  I will force myself to learn how to clap just so that I can sing How Great Thou Art at the end of this concert.  ugh…the things we do for art

Let me just say, though, that I think it's pretty sneaky that those Stewarts got us all hooked on the choir with the first semester of sacred, beautiful music before they chose to spring this little choreography surprise on us.  Very very sneaky… 


  1. I think you will do just great knee slapping' away!! Are you in the back or at least behind someone so you can fake it if you need to? LOL

    1. I'm right in the very front! EEK! No chance of faking it. Apparently I have lots of hours of practice ahead. :)