Monday, February 3, 2014


The Cub Scouts' annual Blue and Gold banquet is coming up this week.  The theme this year is Invention Convention to go with the character for the month, Resourcefulness.  Since the Webelos are working on their Craftsman requirement this month, we volunteered them to do the centerpieces and table decorations for the banquet.  

The boys spent a ton of time working on their creations.  They were really proud of their little robot friends, and I loved how they turned out.  They'll be so cute as table decorations for the banquet.  

I brought them all home and put them on the dining room table along with all the leftover recyclables we had collected, and apparently they inspired some creativity in the girls.  They all wanted to make their own robot creations.   

So, the robots are multiplying rapidly around here.  Fortunately they'll be off to their next gig soon.  I'll take pictures of them in their Cub Scout habitat after Blue and Gold so you can see how awesome it all turned out.  Cross your fingers that it'll be awesome.  

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