Sunday, August 4, 2013

Road Trip Day 2

This is what Mobile, AL looks like at 6:00am...
Isn't it beautiful?  We watched this barge come in while we ate breakfast.  Amazing.  McKay was glued to the window the entire time.  I love that the kids got to see something completely different than anything they would see in a normal day at home.  

After breakfast, we took a very long and leisurely drive down the panhandle coast toward our next destination and stopped at Perdido Beach so the kids could put their feet in the sand.  It's like walking in fairy dust.  It's so soft and perfect.
they're all trying to spot crabs in the water...there were tons!
We are loving these Florida beaches and we're looking forward to a few days outside of the Yukon so we can enjoy them!  
We arrived at our destination tonight, but once again it's too dark to see what's outside the hotel room.  We drove over so many bridges, though, that I'm pretty sure we're entirely surrounded by water.  We'll find out in the morning. 

Stay tuned...


  1. Haunani, I am so enjoying sharing your beautiful vacation with you! Thanks for sharing with us...

    Everything is so beautiful...most of all your sweet family all together!

    Have funnnnn, friend. : )

  2. Looks beautiful! Thanks for bringing us along on your trip (via the pics!)