Friday, August 9, 2013

High Five for Friday

Since we're in Key West for the weekend, I thought I'd do a modified H54F. 
There are a few things that are abundant in this southernmost place in the continental US.

1.  Coconut Drinks

2.  Roosters
These guys are EVERYWHERE here.  They wander around all over the streets.  It's endearing in a quirky kind of way.  
3.  Scooters.  
It was definitely tricky navigating our beast of a vehicle through narrow streets, around pedestrians, bicyclists, and these little zippy scooters, but Craig did a great job.  (I, on the other hand, almost ripped the passenger side mirror off the car.)

4.  Beautiful Homes.

 5.  Sidewalks lined with lush greenery and tropical flowers.

Hope you have a beautiful and sunny weekend!


  1. Ohhhh it looks so neat! Hope you all are having a great time! : )

  2. Oh you brought back memories!! David and I spent our fifth wedding anniversary there. And guess what? That's one of the places we are going to next month!! You have me so excited. Enjoy your time there. Don't forget to have a pic taken in front of the "southern most part of the U.S."