Friday, August 2, 2013

High Five for Friday

1.  Sandals
I have a serious shoe problem.  These are just the ones I've acquired this summer...eek! 

2.  Clean Beach Towels
They don't stay this way for long, but I love having a giant pile of freshly washed and fluffed beach towels ready for the next round of summer fun.  

3.  Salt Water Taffy
We don't have salt water taffy in Texas like they do in Utah.  It's in giant bulk bins in the grocery stores there.  Craig and Savannah brought me back a giant bag of tropical flavored taffy.  The banana is my favorite!

4.  Treasures
My friend, Karryn and I went furniture browsing the other day, and we saw this gorgeous thing.  I'm pretty sure it needs to come home and live in my entryway.  

5.  Saying of the Week

This is so true...especially when the marshmallows are roasted over a campfire!  

Hope you have a great weekend!  


  1. LOVE your shoes! That shinier the better when it comes to summer flip flops! And isn't it great that we can wear them almost year round down here?! I was over in Parker last evening and thought of you as I drove through Allen. We HAVE to meet in real life. We are practically neighbors.

  2. and Madison are shoe twins! She would love your collection! Have a wonderful weekend, friend! : )