Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

6:00 came so early this morning.  I think we got WAY too used to staying up late over the summer.  (...zzz...)

Everyone was really excited to start a new school year...except me.  This is the first year that I think I've ever really been sad to see them all go back to school.  Usually I'm pretty excited to get back into a routine and have a quiet house for a few precious hours during the day.  But I've totally enjoyed these teenagers lately and I'm seriously going to miss having them around to talk to all day.  What on earth will I do?  Nevermind...I have a million things planned, and in just a blink, it will be 3:00 and they'll all be home again.

This year, we have four kids in four different schools.  EEK!

Emma (8th Grade) started our morning carpool route at 7:20am.  Show Choir rehearses BEFORE school!  

McKay (5th Grade) followed right behind at 7:30 to walk to the elementary school with his friends.  They were so sneaky and fast, I didn't even catch a picture of them outside.  
And thank goodness for an extra driver in the house this year.  Savannah (11th grade) and Megan (9th Grade) left at 7:45 for a stop at the Freshman Center and then onto the High School.  

By the end of the week, we'll be adding early morning seminary to our routine which starts at 6:00am, but for a few days we'll enjoy easing into the new schedule.  

I'm so grateful for a new school year to look forward to, for great teachers and friends, and for opportunities for the kids to meet new people and learn tons of interesting stuff.  I'm glad they're all excited to start this year, and I hope it will be a great one for all of them.  


  1. Wait...didn't I comment on this today? Anyway...I know I read it And thought how beautiful your children are! And what an awesome mom you are! Night, friend! : )

  2. I think your children are beautiful, too! Oh my... and four different schools? You are going to be so busy. Enjoy the quiet moments you have during the day!

  3. And I forgot...I hope they have a blessed year!!! I know they will. They seem like such great kids!