Friday, August 23, 2013

High Five for Friday

Is it really the last H54F before school starts on Monday??...sniff..  
As usual, the days and weeks FLY by around here.  Do they do that at your house, too?  I seriously have not been able to keep up with all the demands of the week.  We've had tons of fun and we've gotten tons done, but it's a mystery to me how it's already Friday.  Just a second ago it was Monday.

1.  School Shopping with McKay
This is always the easiest and most delightful school shopping trip of the year.  Last year he said he didn't think he needed a new backpack because his was "perfectly fine."  This year he only wanted a new pair of khaki shorts and a few new shirts.  Oh how I love shopping with boys!

2.  New Haircuts for School
I don't know if you've noticed the MOP of hair that McKay has been sportin this summer, but it was nearly driving me crazy.  He decided to "embrace his curls" which is awesome as long as they don't get away from you.   By the end of our vacation, his "do" was looking a bit more like a 'fro than any of us thought possible.   Craig convinced him to get a little trim earlier this week, and it looks awesome.  Still curly, but much more suitable for going back to school.  :)

3.  My BFFs this week
I've spent a lot of quality time with these two this week.  I'm pretty sure I've washed every article of clothing and every sheet and towel we own.  

4.  New Discoveries
Speaking of laundry, have you tried these??  I got a tiny little sample pouch of them to bring with us on our trip in case we needed to do laundry and I loved them!  Super convenient.  Super great smell.  And they come in this handy little container.  I'm such a container freak.  

5.  Shock of the Week!
I had a teenager sleepover in my room on Wednesday night and somehow all the girls talked me into getting on Instagram.  See what happens when you stay up until 2:30 in the morning??  (You can follow me if you want @haunaniann)

Hope your weekend is great!


  1. Instagram! I'm going to find you right now! And I know all about boys and haircuts. I let Rhett grow his out this summer, only to be reminded by him that he really doesn't NEED a back to school cut, because he isn't actually going back to school. I have informed him that Mommy Academy will indeed have a dress code! ; )

    1. So happy you're on Instagram. I was hoping to find you there! :)

  2. He is so cute and sweet! What a precious one to be "perfectly fine" with his last year back pack! Not on Instagram. Make sure you share some of those pics, though! Oh! and best wishes for a new school year :)