Sunday, August 11, 2013

Church in Key West

Yesterday we were so excited to find this little LDS chapel in Key West.   We are so far away from home, but you know what?  The wonderful people who shook our hands and played the piano and spoke today in Church made us feel like we weren't really all that far away.  They were warm and kind.  And each person who spoke had a sweet, humble testimony of the Savior.  They talked about the power of prayer and testified of the ways Heavenly Father is aware of every detail of our lives.

I loved the meeting we attended today.  And I am so grateful that we stopped for an hour or two this morning and took the time to walk into that church building.  It brought a little more gratitude and reverence into this vacation life we've been living.


  1. So happy you found that special place too, Haunani..always nice and comforting to find a home away from home!

    Enjoy your family time, friend!

  2. I'm happy, too. We always attend Mass while on vacation. Our father NEVER takes a vacation from us, right ? :)