Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Today officially marks the day that all four of our kids are in the double digits.  I seriously cannot believe that it's been 10 years since this amazing little addition came into our family.  He adds life and adventure and sports in ways that we never even knew we were lacking.  

This year...

1.  He can be found playing outside all day with his friends, mostly in the pool.  
2.  He loves his sisters.  
3.  He has decided to learn to play the violin so he's ready for 6th grade orchestra.  
4.  He invents things on a daily basis.  
5.  He still sleeps with his blanket and a favorite stuffed animal or two.  
6.  He writes stories and draws pictures.  
7.  He is definitely the most inquisitive of our four kids, and is constantly asking questions.  
8.  He is the picture of optimism every single day, and is rarely in a bad mood.  
9.  He is slightly obsessed with longboards and sports cars.  
10. He idolizes his dad.   

In fact, they are out having the birthday of his dreams today on a fishing boat searching for tarpon.  

Happy Florida Birthday, McKay!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet son! I love your list...especially number 5. : ) and what a way to spend a birthday! Yay!

  2. Happy birthday to you son! Double digits and while in Florida!! Very cool birthday :)