Monday, April 8, 2013

Youth Conference Choir and a LAUNCH Update

A few weeks ago, I was asked to organize the youth in our ward to sing for the upcoming Youth Conference on April 27-28.  The song they picked was Jenny Phillips' Stand in Holy Places.

I'm not sure if I posted about this in September or not, but I was definitely stalking this music all through the fall.  I bought the CD as soon as it was available.  I played it regularly in the van with the girls captive so they could hear this song and have it ingrained in their little heads.  In January, when the new theme had officially been launched and I no longer looked like a YOUTH THEME stalker, I posted this video.  I am in love with this song!  

In January, our YW President asked me to teach the girls one of the songs from this CD, but I was disappointed to find out it wasn't this one.  The song turned out beautifully.  We sang it for New Beginnings and again in Sacrament, but I still felt a void because I KNEW that the youth were supposed to sing Stand in Holy Places.  So when the Stake YW President emailed me in March and asked me to have our ward prepare this song, I was thrilled.  Jumping up and down may have happened.  

I had already bought the sheet music and played through it several times, so I felt like I could definitely tackle this assignment.  But as I played it, I realized this was a bigger song than the youth in our ward would be able to do on their own.  But I also knew that we were supposed to sing this song.  So now what???  And then the train started running, as it sometimes does in my head, and I had the inspiration that this should probably be a Stake Youth Choir instead of just a ward thing.

...and then I panicked...   

Because that's how it works in my head.  I have the best ideas and I can SEE and HEAR how they're going to look, and then it's instantly followed by doubt and worry and panic.  ugh...

The following week, I had to fight a little bit of a battle to convince the other people involved that this was a great idea, but eventually I found two people who were willing to champion my cause.  Hallelujah for champions...  

A handful of kids, mostly from my ward, showed up for our first rehearsal and it went really well.  And then there was a Priesthood Encampment and Easter, so we lost a little momentum.  I scheduled a rehearsal for 1:30 on Sunday between Conference sessions.  (I know, what was I thinking??)  And then I held my breath all week that anyone but my two daughters and the pianist's son would show up.  I was such a nervous wreck yesterday it was ridiculous.  I spent the morning making a billion cookies, and hoping that we would have at least a small handful of teenagers willing to sing.  

At 1:00, I dragged Savannah, Megan, Casey and Gladys (Megan's bass) to the church with me.  The pianist was there with her wonderful son who is always willing to sing.  And the six of us waited and waited for others to arrive.  By 1:25, one of my champions had shown up to offer his support, but no other youth.  

...dejection was about to set in...

And then a pair of brothers came, and then a handful of girls I didn't even know from another ward (hooray!  the message had gotten out!)  And by 1:35 I had run out of music to hand out.  Over 25 kids came to that rehearsal yesterday afternoon, on a Sunday when they didn't even have to leave their house or get out of their jammies!  I gushed and gushed about how grateful I was that they all showed up.  And then we started singing...I was completely overwhelmed with emotion at how amazing they sounded, especially the boys.  They sang beautifully, with conviction and confidence, and I saw my little vision becoming a reality.  Of course it did, because it wasn't MY vision.  It was Heavenly Father's.  He knew in September that we needed to sing that song.  

I wonder if He ever gets frustrated with my lack of faith?  I wonder if He wants to shake me when I let my fears and doubts get in the way of His plans?  I'm grateful that He moves mountains for me anyway, even when I don't think He can.  I love leading this song.   I love that Heavenly Father thought I could do this even though I still wonder sometimes if I can.  I love that He brought 25 kids to the church yesterday so that I could have the opportunity to LAUNCH yet another scary thing.  I love that this is all coming together.

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