Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fine Arts Night

The fourth graders had Fine Arts Night at McKay's school last night.  The Scout Master is still in Chicago and the older girls were off at the library studying, so Emma was my companion for the night.  We had such a fun time listening to these cute kids play their instruments.  And she had fun reminiscing with her old teachers and friends.  I can't believe we've lived here long enough for her to be able to reminisce!

There was a huge group of kids playing recorders and then another handful who were also playing xylophones.  McKay volunteered to learn both.  They played variations on a lullaby that the kids had composed themselves.  So cool!

He came straight from golf lessons to his concert, so he still had his name tag on and he was wearing the I <3 BACON shirt.  Oh least we're real, right? Nothing pretentious or stuffy about a shirt that proclaims your love of bacon.  

You'd never know I took a photography class by looking at these pictures.  I had such a hard time coordinating the low light in the gym, the distance I was away from McKay, and all the other moving "subjects" in my shots.  I really need to get this camera out more often and practice.  

Oh, how I love that cute face!  Even a little blurry, you can still tell he's adorable.  <3

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