Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baseball Season

It's baseball season again, which means there are cleats, gloves and socks spread from one end of my house to the other.  It means little boys are camped out in the front yard playing catch until all hours of the night.  And it means our weekends are pretty much committed to the ball field from now until June.

But McKay LOVES baseball season.  

He's playing 2nd base this year which is exciting.  He has been an aspiring pitcher for the last two seasons, but just a move from outfield to infield is pretty satisfying right now.  

I decided last week that since I will be spending so much time at that ballpark, since I desperately need the photography practice, and since there aren't any other self-appointed team photographers, I would drag my camera with me and get some practice taking action shots.  It's hard, guys!  I can't get the white balance, the shutter speed, and the aperture all coordinated with the cloud cover, direct sunlight, and moving subjects in time to catch the shot.  (sigh...)  So, after missing the first two innings, I relented and set my camera back on AUTO (I know, don't tell Vernetta, ok?)  BUT...I did try that little tip from my friend, know, the one about taking a bazillion pictures because the odds are good that you'll get at least a handful of shots that are great.  I also set my camera on continuous shooting mode so that I could take multiple pictures really quickly.  
Here's what that does...

Instead of just getting one shot per second, you get three to five shots per second.  Awesome for capturing things like batting...

sliding into home..

or pitching...
Pretty cool, huh?  

We're all very excited about this season.  The team is mostly made up of kids who are brand new to baseball, so that makes McKay feel pretty confident since he's already played for two seasons.  They are great boys who are all working really hard together.  And I LOVE the red jerseys!  McKay has already had lots of opportunity to get better at his batting and fielding skills.  He's so enthusiastic about trying everything he learns.  And he's made some pretty great new friends.

I love this place where we live that has so many opportunities for my kids to grow and launch and find their super powers.  We are grateful everyday to live in Allen.  

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