Friday, April 12, 2013

High Five for Friday

Last week I didn't even bother writing a H54F post because honestly there wasn't a lot to be HIGH FIVING about.  But this week has been better.

1.  All teenage drivers in the house have earned back their driving privileges after a very long week of ground-ation.  And we are currently all speaking to each other.  

2.  No doctors appointments this week.  No trips to InstaCare or the ER.  No major catastrophes.   Although Megan was sure that she needed to be checked out of school early yesterday.

3.  No fish have died this week.  Yep, Taquito killed lost another roommate last week.  This one was a gift from Savannah's sweet friend, Casey.  She felt bad after Empanada died, so she bought a cute orange beta named Nacho.  Nacho lived for about two weeks.  Taquito did not love him.  Apparently he prefers solitude and a spacious tank.  

4.  Spring weather! (Except for Wednesday, when the temperature dropped to 40 degrees and it poured all day long.)  Blue skies the rest of the week, though.  Love living in Texas in April. 

5.  Date Night tonight!!  Hopefully with Dave and Jeanette.  CAN'T WAIT!!

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