Tuesday, April 30, 2013


When Savannah and Megan were little (Emma was about 6 months old and McKay wasn't even a thought) we surprised them with a trip to Disney World in Orlando.  We lived in Atlanta at the time, and Craig's job required some travel to Florida, so we incorporated a Disney trip into a business trip.  The girls had NO IDEA we were taking them on the trip of their dreams, and they were thrilled when we finally got there.  

A couple of years ago we did something similar on a summer trip to San Antonio.  We had told the kids all month long that Sea World just wasn't going to happen and that we would have to wait until another time to visit Shamu.  And then we pulled into the Sea World parking lot!  Huge surprise!  Huge success!

Craig is a big fan of surprises.   I honestly am not, and would probably never think to surprise my kids with anything.  Besides, I'm terrible at keeping secrets.  

We have another HUGE surprise for them tonight.  They have NO IDEA.  Craig and I have kept this secret for almost 2 whole months, and not only are we about to burst, but we are also about as giddy as we were in November 2000 when we took two little girls to see Minnie Mouse.  I can't tell you where we're taking them because by some crazy twist of fate, today would be the day one of my kids decides to read my blog.  There are no theme parks involved this time.  We're not even traveling outside of Dallas.   But it will be a HUGE, delightful surprise that I'm pretty sure they'll be talking about for years.  

That's it...I can't give you anymore hints!

We'll be back late tonight.  I'll post pictures and details tomorrow morning.  And if you see my kids at school today and you've read this, DON'T TELL THEM!!

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