Thursday, November 3, 2011


Why is texting so much more enticing than actual spoken conversation??

This morning, the Scout Master (from yet another business trip) texted me:

SM:  Hi there!  How has your morning been with the kids?

The teenagers in my car heard the familiar text notification sound and hijacked my phone when they realized it was their dad. 

TCD:  Hello.  This is one of the kids.
SM:  Hello one of the kids.  How are you?
Spell Girl:  Hi Daddy!  That was TCD.  This is Spell Girl.  I love you!
SM:  Love you, too.  Are you excited about track today?
TCD:  Hello Daddy.  I am TCD now.
SM:  This is getting confusing.
Spell Girl:  It's Spell Girl this time. YES!  I'm excited about track.
TCD:  No, I'm TCD.  Stop being confused Daddy because then u confuse me and then I get really confused!
SM:  :)  How did you like the Progressive Dinner last night?
Spell Girl:  It was awesome.  (This is Spell Girl.)
SM:  I heard Taylor had a nice long talk with you. :)
TCD:  Oh, are you talking to me now?  Um, yes, Taylor said I was always by myself everywhere and I also got Cameron's number and so now he probably thinks I'm a freak bc I asked for his number and he gave it to me but he didn't know why I was asking and then I was hoping that his dad would explain to him and also I ate some taquitos for breakfast.  :)
SM:  TCD, I know you have the phone now and you're taking too long to type your text.
TCD:  Patience, Old Grasshopper!
SM:  Yep, I knew it.  LOL
Spell Girl:  Daddy, you are 2 old 2 say LOL!
SM:  Still laughing about the breakfast tacos.  That was a funny insert.
TCD:  Oh, thank you...that's why it was taking so long to type bc I was trying to figure out how to spell taquitos.
SM:  OK, you should be close to dropping her off now.  Text me back once she's gone.
TCD:  Thanx Daddy.  I heard that!
SM:  Oops!  Love you, TCD.  Have a great day!
Spell Girl:  Too late.  She's gone.
SM:  :)

There was more dialog between Spell Girl and her dad during the remaining 10 minutes from the Freshman Center to the Middle School, but it wasn't as hilarious as the texting circus that occurred during the first half of the drive.  It was so funny to see these two girls get so excited about talking to their dad!  They were tossing the phone from the front seat to the back, and squealing every time they heard that notification sound.  I had to remind them that he LIVES HERE on most days and they can talk to him whenever they want to.  Something about that texting, though, made it much more fun than a regular conversation.  I love that it was an opportunity for them to connect with him this morning. 

I love technology and I love teenagers!

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  1. J leads our family with texting and C just told me the other day that I am to old to use text speak....LOL