Monday, November 21, 2011


Some Family Nights in our home are better than others.  There is always music.  There is always a spiritual thought.  And someone always gets mad about something...always.  With six very strong and very distinct personalities, it's inevitable.  We had all those things tonight, too, but it was an awesome FHE nonetheless. 

A couple of years ago, about 6 years into our financial drought in Mendon, someone wonderful was inspired to share with us a little of what they had.  It made a huge impact on all of us.  And because of that huge impact, we decided that when things changed in our lives, we would make sure to always remember that experience and to do the same for someone else if we ever had the opportunity.  We have had a few of them.

There is a family in our ward who is currently having some challenges.  After the Bishop and Craig worked out the logistics last week, we decided we would take care of their Thanksgiving dinner.  So tonight, for Family Night, we took the kids to the grocery store to buy all the stuff and then we drove over and dropped it all off at the house.  This is the first time they've been with us to do this sort of thing, and I have to say, it was SO much more fun WITH them.  It's chaotic to take 4 kids to the grocery store under any circumstances, but even more so at 6:30pm on the Monday before Thanksgiving with excitement and a lot of input about what we should buy.  But I don't think anyone even noticed, and it was happy chaos.  They were so enthusiastic about it.

Savannah:  "Let's get them breakfast, too, because they're going to need to eat something the next morning."

Megan:  "ONE pie, Mommy?  Really?  They need to have options.  Let's get them a pumpkin AND an apple."

Emma:  "This list is way too short.  There isn't enough stuff in our cart."

McKay:  "You know what we should have done?  I should have dressed up like a duck.  And then I could have knocked on their door.  And then when they opened it, I could have quacked."  ( sort of have to know him to appreciate that.)

We finally finished shopping and then we drove to the house.  We didn't tell the kids whose house it was and we've never been there before, so they didn't recognize it.  We stealthily unloaded the bags out of the back of the van, and quietly walked up to the front porch.  And until the point where I ran into the metal planter hanging from the wall, I don't think anyone heard us.  

We ran back and piled into the van and drove away quickly...directly to Dairy Queen because, oh yeah, Family Night has to include a treat!   

Just a few minutes ago we received a text from the Bishop saying that the family had received their surprise and they were so grateful.  Even if we had never gotten that text, it still would have been an amazing experience for all of us.  The part that was the best for me was when we got home, and Megan said, "I wish we could do that for everyone.  I love the way it feels when you give stuff to people!"  

Me too...totally.

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