Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Next week is our Young Women in Excellence program.  The one night during the year where the girls get to display the things they've worked on for Personal Progress.  It's the night when we get to celebrate the incredible skills and talents these girls are discovering in themselves.  

The theme for the night is BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL. 
We'll have one of these bouquets on the table with the roses and one single daisy.  But our YW President also had a great idea to make a bouquet of flowers based on the girls.  We asked each of the moms to think of a flower that represents their daughter and to also include the reasons she picked it.  Our plan is to put all the flowers together into a very unique, and potentially gorgeous bouquet, just like they are!

Since I have two daughters in YW, these are the flowers I picked:

TCD = water lily
I picked this flower because TCD stands out.  Just like these gorgeous, majestic flowers draw you to them, so does TCD.  She is confident, bold and unapologetic.  And in a pond full of lily pads, she is the one that you notice. 

Spell Girl = Purple Phlox
I picked these for Spell Girl because they remind me of little fairy bouquets.  They are wispy and delicate and tiny like she is.  At first you might not notice how beautiful they are, but then when you look more closely, you realize that they're these gorgeous little complex flowers, just like Spell Girl.  

 June = Tiger Lily
Even though June isn't in YW yet, I needed to pick a flower for her, too.  She is vibrant and feisty like this flower.  She is capable and confident.  She is gorgeous, but totally doesn't know it.

It's been so much fun to think about this activity this morning and to take the time to pick the right flower for each of my girls.  I love that they are all THEIR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL.  

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