Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pie Making

This week, since the church building was unavailable, all the youth activities were held off site (and that means the counselor's house.) 

A few weeks ago when we were planning our upcoming activities, the Beehive Presidency decided that they would like to learn how to make pies.  Since I now own a food processor, that turned out to be perfectly timed.  I invited all 7 of my Beehives over to my house tonight.  (June was also here and loved hanging out with the older girls and helping.)  When we originally planned this activity, I didn't realize that the Scout Master had already invited all eight of his Deacons to come to our house for their activity, too.  If you include the 4 youth leaders and one Bishopric member, we definitely had a full house!  The boys stayed upstairs, though, and the girls all stayed in the kitchen.  

After an hour and a half, every surface of my kitchen was covered in flour and so were most of the girls.  But we produced six pies, a bunch of little cinnamon sugar crispy things, and a huge bowl of delicious REAL whipped cream.  I'm not sure that they mastered the art of pie making, but they did learn how to measure accurately, use a food processor, roll pastry dough, the difference between butter and shortening, and that Cool Whip and whipped cream are two totally different things.  I'm sure those things will come around again sometime in their lives.  In the meantime, we all had a great night...even with a bunch of boys upstairs.  :)

I'm so grateful to be able to work and play with these girls on a regular basis.  They are energetic and smart and delightful to be around.  I love this calling!


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