Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Food Processor

My plan for a relaxing week has evolved into a week in the kitchen...which is totally fine with me.  We invited the missionaries for Thanksgiving dinner, and then on Sunday we invited one more person, and then yesterday when we found out our neighbors were staying in town, we invited them, too.  We're up to 14 people!  It's been a few years since I've made an entire Thanksgiving dinner and I've NEVER done it on my own.  So I've become intimately acquainted with the Food Network Thanksgiving Week and foodnetwork.com  My laptop and I have been happily cooking for the last two days.  But yesterday, I realized that there is a kitchen appliance that regularly appears on the Food Network that I don't currently own...

I have carefully budgeted my grocery money this week to include a pretty extensive dinner for 14 people.  But I really felt like the execution of that dinner would not be entirely possible without the appliance of my dreams.   So I took $40 out of next week's grocery money and bought a very low end, but functional food processor.  I'm keeping my options open for a future upgrade.  Not everyone in my house was on board with this purchase, but I did it anyway.  And this morning, I opened the box...(insert angels singing HERE)

I didn't realize until today that I have lived almost 42 years without this amazing and totally essential appliance.  My new best friend and I made bread (...yep! BREAD), homemade cranberry sauce, a GORGEOUS apple pie, and we prepped all the onions, celery and cornbread crumbs for tomorrow.  

Oh, Food Processor, where have you been all my life.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE you! 

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  1. Yes!! LOVE my FP. I use it all the time. In fact I think I even tried to get you to get one.... Hugs and hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving