Friday, November 18, 2011


This afternoon, we officially started our Thanksgiving Break!  9 whole days of sleeping in, hanging out, baking stuff, playing, and eating...HOORAY!!

Last weekend, TCD added SEWING to that list of relaxing things she wanted to do over the break.   She has already converted my dining room/piano room into a scene from Project Runway.  There are scraps of fabric, two sewing machines, pattern pieces, and one dress form (who we have lovingly named Lola) strewn from the front door all the way through the dining room.  

Here's what she's making...
More like the pink one than the wedding gown, with no train and less poof.  And she's modifying the top so that it's more modest, with sleeves and a back.  Something like this..
Her finished dress will be in navy blue satin with black lace accents.  I really have no idea where they're going to go because I haven't quite caught her vision yet, but I trust her fashion intuition and creativity, and I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Since I came with ZERO sewing ability and have acquired NONE along the way in this life, I can't help her at all.  She has to do this all be herself.  I think she's ok with that, though.  

Really?  Who decides that they're going to make a formal gown over Thanksgiving Break???  :)

I'll keep you posted on the progress...

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