Thursday, November 3, 2011

Star Wars

If there were a soundtrack running through my life this week, it would be the Star Wars theme.  Nope, we haven't been fighting Storm Troopers.  Mack has discovered Star Wars!  

For his birthday, one of his friends gave him a Lego Star Wars set, and since then he's been slightly obsessed.  There are Star Wars "dudes" sprinkled all over the house, stuffed in pockets, and floating around in the washing machine.

There's a Lego Star Wars website where you can follow a daily blog...which we do!

And on Saturday, we checked out all five movies from the library.  Mack has watched the entire series at least three times.  How is it that he can have all the dialog between Yoda and Luke memorized, but he can't remember where he put his shoes??

I haven't allowed myself to just sit and watch the entire series with Mack, or even one whole movie, but I have felt this familiar fondness listening to it in the background while I make dinner.  And it's a great way to motivate him to finish his homework.  

 May the Force Be With You

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  1. That's so awesome! Adam is the same way even now. I sent him some of the Star Wars Lego dudes for his birthday and I'm planning a Star Wars package to mail to him to celebrate "May the 4th be with you" day. : )