Monday, January 2, 2017

Alles Güte für das Neue Jahr


This was one slug of a week! Monday was probably our busiest day. We had some Christmas appointments, so we didn't even have a pday! Here in Switzerland (and Germany and Austria) they celebrate Christmas for three days! The 24-26. We had a super fun lunch appointment at a family's house who has 6 very energetic kids. Then in the evening we went to Basel to meet with the Scheible's, who served their mission with my dad back in the stone ages. It was so fun, and they were so nice. They asked us to share a spiritual thought to help their son prepare to go on a mission soon, so we made a list of 10 things we wished we had know before our missions! Here are some of the highlights:

1. Take lots of vitamins and build up your immune system. (You get sick way more on your mission than in normal life)
2. Become familiar with Preach My Gospel and go out with the missionaries as much as you can!
3. Don't buy the cheapest toilet paper, it's a trap. It feels like cardboard. Just go for the second cheapest.

Tuesday we had District Meeting, and afterwards Elder Nielsen made us all Danish food! Because we have people from so many different countries in our district, we decided that we are gonna eat food from all the different countries every week after District Meeting from now on :) Wednesday we got recruited with the elders to paint a room for a less active lady in our Ward. It ended up taking forever, and we still didn't get finished! In the evening we practiced teaching about the Holy Ghost to a young couple in our Ward, and they just totally destroyed us haha. We definitely need to practice that lesson more. Thursday was my 14 month mark as a missionary. Crazy. Sister Multamäki was sick all day, so lucky me, I got stay in my jammies all day long! It was so awesome! I finished reading the New Testament (we have been reading that as a mission for the past 3 months), I watched all the church movies in our apartment and colored some My Little Ponies in my coloring book, I read lots and lots of Ensign articles and General Conference talks, and I had a nice long chat with our Ward Mission Leader about how the work has been going here. Luckily I have been taking lots of vitamins and drinking water like a camel, so I escaped the throwing up disease. 

Friday we were all recruited again by the same lady to build a cabinet for her! We all felt so cool because we got to use all the tools on our Swiss Army knives a member gave us for Christmas. The manual said that it would take 2 hours for a man and a woman to build it, and we figured that since we had double that amount, it would take half the time! Wrong. I remember Brother Bailey saying one time that the more men you get together, the smaller their brains get, and that definitely applies to missionaries as well. It took us 7 hours to build!

Well, Happy New Year, and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Remember that this is a new start, so decide now to be better and put the past behind you.

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Thunell

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