Monday, January 16, 2017

Winter Wonderland

Hello everyone! 

This week was crazy busy! It has also been snowing non stop the whole week, so we are living in a winter wonderland here! 

Highlights of the week:

-Sister Multamäki learned how to pray in English! She asked me to say a prayer first, and then she would try after me, and wow, I cannot pray in English anymore. It's embarrassing. But she did great! :)

-We had a tausch with the Zollikofen sisters, and I brought Sister Rasmussen back to Solothurn with me for a couple days! We stayed super busy with appointments the whole time, and then we ended our tausch with an appointment at a member's house eating Chinese food!
-We also had Zone Training this week, and Sister Multamäki practiced for a long time trying to make it good. It was a really great Zone Training, and I learned a ton!
-We met some new Finnish people here that we will hopefully start teaching this coming week! (Perks of having a Finnish companion.)
-We had a lesson in French with one of our investigators. We brought the Elders from Biel with us, because they both speak French, and I have realized that I can understand more Finnish than French...haha.

Something I have been thinking about lately is goals. Everyone always makes so many goals and New Year's resolutions at the beginning of the year, but by this time, or maybe in a few weeks, they all start to fizzle out. Sometimes it's like that on a mission too. We make goals as missionaries for the week for how many new people we want to find, lessons we want to teach, etc., and by the end of the week sometimes we have forgotten what our goals even were! Sometimes goals can be frustrating and demotivating if we don't achieve them. But I've learned on my mission that goals are more of an eventual motivational end point, rather than something that absolutely has to be achieved within a certain amount of time. If we make the goal to be more disciplined or diligent, and then forget, or get lazy, then that doesn't mean we have to just stop trying! If we make the goal as missionaries to teach 12 lessons, and we only hit 4 by the end of the week that doesn't mean we give up! Goals are something that always have to be reevaluated and carefully decided, with the help of the Lord. What goals do you have this year that will bring you closer to Him? Don't give up, every day is a new day. Have faith, work hard, and keep an eternal perspective!

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Thunell

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